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Group Sessions

Group Therapy

Upon successful completion of detox, those in treatment graduate to the substance abuse therapy portion of rehab. With no drugs or alcohol in the body, the patient can move on and meet with a treatment team, as well as with other patients in the program. Addiction therapists work with patients to address the psychological addiction to drugs or alcohol through individual therapy sessions, group therapy, 12-step programs, and other therapeutic modalities.

Therapy in groups provides a number of benefits. These can include minimizing the sense of isolation that often accompanies addiction, sharing experiences and feedback on the challenges in early sobriety, and providing peer support and motivation to remain sober. Group therapy also aims to help patients connect with one another on an emotional level, which can help build bonds that will provide support outside of treatment. Peer support is an integral part of recovery from addiction.

After rehab, patients can continue to attend outpatient therapy or private therapy to maintain their new drug-free lifestyle and to lower the chances of relapse.

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